Staying Up-to-date and Stupid Shin Splints

21 Apr

Ugh, so clearly I will have to do a better job in the future of posting regularly. Must not procrastinate, must not procrastinate.

Let’s play catch-up. So, Sunday I ran my second race. Ever. I ran the Pike’s Peek 10K  with 3,000 of my closest friends.

What? This isnt how you spend your Sundays?

I’m just going to say races are total awesomesauce. You meet the coolest people, (at my first race I met a 63-year old woman who has run 5 sub-4-hour marathons and didn’t start running until she was 50!) have a great time, and you don’t feel like a total freak for waking up at 5 AM to go run 6.2 miles because 3,000 other people did the exact same thing.

Which way is the coffee? Can I get it in IV form?

I didn’t run a great race. My pace was way too slow (11:06) and it took me 1:09 to run the whole thing, which is suck-tastic. I’ve been dealing with some wicked awful shin pain since mid-March. At first I thought it was my shoes as I had logged a fair amount of miles, so I went and got professionally fitted for shoes for the first time at Road Runner Sports (highly recommend! They kick some serious bootay) but I was still having the pain. I decided to be very stupid and try to continue running through the pain, which has probably aggravated the problem. It got to the point in the last week or so where the pain is so bad that I just stop and walk at times which is what happened on Sunday. Hence, the very poor finishing time. I still had fun though, as evidenced by this picture:

Why, of course running is always SO fun...

I spent yesterday doing some research because  obviously self-diagnosing your injuries is the BEST idea and I am clearly a genius. In my expert medical opinion, I have shin splints. Which sucks. Big time. Everything I read says to rest and maybe do some cross-training. I don’t want to rest, I want to run! I am determined to run the Marine Corps Half-Marathon on May 15, 2011 come hell, high-water or shin splints, so instead of being smart and resting, I’m going to ice, ice, ice, (I’m even icing right now. At my desk. At work. Don’t judge, runners do weird things.) do calf strengthen exercises a zillion times everyday and stretch before every run. I will try to take it easy on my runs, and I’m going to cut back my mileage a bit, but I feel like if I take several days or a week off to rest now, I won’t be prepared for the half. And then I’ll cry and have to eat a lot of chocolate and ice cream.

On a wholly unrelated note, I have big, big plans for tonight that include putting on my new bikini, opening a beer, sitting on my balcony and working on my tan. Maybe later on I will be really productive and catch-up on Hawaii Five-O (I love this show, it is awesome, no one can change my mind). Man, sometimes life is so hard, you know? Especially when this is on my television screen:

Welcome to Hawaii where we solve crimes while workin on our tans!


2 Responses to “Staying Up-to-date and Stupid Shin Splints”

  1. Leslie April 21, 2011 at 5:39 pm #

    Shin splints suck! I just switched from running mostly on a treadmill to outside which helped a bit. Of course the month after I finally got into my groove again I sprained my ankle on a trail but such is life!!

    Have you ran the Army 10miler or have you heard anythign about it? That’s the next big race I have my eye on.

  2. feetoffancy April 22, 2011 at 2:41 pm #

    Shin splints really are the worst. I’ve heard they will often clear up on their own after a few months, so fingers crossed that they go away!

    I haven’t run the Army 10-miler but I’ve had friends who ran it and loved so I’m sure you’ll have a blast. I’m tempted to sign up for it, but if I don’t you’ll have to let me know how it goes!

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