Sum-sum-summer time!!

21 Apr

So it looks like summer has FINALLY decided to arrive in the DC area. I swear, if it had rained one more day heads would have started to roll. We’re better off here than my home state of Minnesota, which was getting snow, yes snow, yesterday. In honor of the lovely weather I went for a walk. Without headphones, which never happens.

Where the eff is my music??

It was a legitimately nice night out and so I took some awesome close-up pictures of flowers

I am beautiful! Photograph me now woman!

Some pictures of the sun setting

This telephone line is ruining my close-up!

And then in the process of trying to take an artsy picture of my feet I discovered a horrible truth…

This is going to be a problem...

It is the first day of summer and I already have hideous tan lines from my running shoes. I don’t know if I should be proud or run and hide in shame. Maybe I should take up barefoot running, then tan lines won’t be an issue. Then again, maybe I should just stab my feet with a bunch of sharp rocks since it will have the same effect.

Backtracking a little bit to cover half-marathon training: I decided it would be a bad idea to run today after I did an hour of cardio and weights yesterday and then played 90 mins of rough-and-tumble soccer AND then went to BodyPump. Soccer took a special toll on me. I tried to be cool and pretend to know what I was doing by slide-tackling someone and instead I missed the soccer ball and ended up with astro-turf gravel embedded in my butt cheek. Seriously not cool. Sitting down was not so much fun today. I spent some more time icing my shins and then to make me feel better about not being able to run I ate an entire pizza from Voceilli’s. It was delicious.

I’m going to try to run tomorrow (of course wanting to run has nothing to do with the fact that I ate an entire pizza on my own tonight) but I know that I shouldn’t push it. If I’m still having pain, I’ll go to yoga and maybe swim instead.

Top Chef Masters in on and requires my full and undivided attention, so that’s all for now!

I dont actually EAT the food, I judge by sight.


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