Dreading the Long Run

22 Apr
 Yesterday I was truly dreading the long run (10 miles) I have planned on Saturday morning. I’m nervous about my shins, and I haven’t had a good, solid run since mid-March so I really wanted Saturday’s run to go well. I was also nervous about running 10 miles all on my lonesome, until I found out that some of my Daily Mile buddies (if you run at all get on Daily Mile NOW. It’s the coolest thing ever, and you feel completely normal because everybody talks about tapering, PRs, compression socks and training plans) were planning a meet-up for an easy 5-miles at 6:45 AM on Saturday. I may have done a happy dance after I discovered this, as it means I won’t have to run 10 long, lonely miles. On the downside, I never really run with other people (and by never really, I mean I don’t ever run with other people), so we’ll see how this goes. Hopefully, this doesn’t happen:

 Blondes Running

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes running on your own is the best thing in the world. It clears your head and you can think about really important things like finding a cure for cancer, but I am just not feeling that way about tomorrow’s 10-miler. If I make it through tomorrow’s run it will be a PDR for me. And I really hope I make it through feeling strong; it will be a big confidence booster before I head into the Marine Corps Half-Marathon.

In other news, I am dangerously close to registering for the Washington, D.C Triathlon on June 19, 2011. This is probably the worst idea I have ever had. Right up there with the time, around age 5, that I thought I could fly and so I jumped off the top of the swing set. Bad, bad idea. I’m terrified of having to swim .8k, then bike 20k, and then run 6.7k, but I would officially be a bad-ass, because the laws of the universe say that once you finish a triathlon you are a bad-ass. I’m also not onboard with the idea of swimming in the Potomac. I’m sorry, but the Potoamc is just not a river that you want to go for a nice dip. The Potomac is a river you look at and say, “Thank God I’m up here on dry land, and not down there in that liquid filth!”

I bet Chuck Norris never completed a triathlon!

I haven’t registered yet, so we’ll see what happens. I keep pulling up the registration page and staring at the screen. Maybe I’ll sign up for another race and see if that eases the urge to register for this triathlon. Oh, and I took I rest day yesterday, I was feeling really crappy for part of the day and decided to just turn into a rest day.


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