A Rainy 10-Miles

23 Apr

This morning I miraculously hauled my lazy ass out of bed at 5:30AM to go for a 10-mile social run with some buddies from the internetz. It was DailyMile for the win again as one of my DM friends organized a group run. Thank God they did, otherwise this run would never have happened. If I had been on my own I would have fallen out of bed, taken one look out the window and said “No effing you, thank you very much”, and gone back to bed. It was cold, raining and just generally disgusting out, but I had signed up to go to the run and I didn’t want to me a total flake so I threw down some coffee and dressed in many, many layers.

I don’t run with people ever, mostly because no one I know runs so this was a new experience for me. I ended up spending a good portion of the run on my own anyway because my shin splints were bothering me. Again. But more than anything it was nice to know that I was not the only person awake, outside, running in cold, drizzling temperatures early on Saturday morning. You can tell we were all super excited about running 10 miles in this weather (thanks to Ray J. for the pic):

Hey, I have an idea, let's just say we ran 10 miles

I loaded up my Garmin and then forget to hit the start button when we started running, so I don’t  have stats for the first 1-1.5 miles. I ran the first mile or so with the group and then dropped back because my calves and the outside of shins were screaming at me.  I stopped to stretch and walk several times during miles 2-4ish. I met back up with the group around mile 4.5 and ran most of the next two miles. I was feeling fairly strong at this point and thought I was going to be able to run most of the way back, but around mile 6.5 my shins started to bother me again, and I started cramping a little bit. I took walk breaks miles 7.5-9 and then slowly ran the last mile. This was a PDR for me, so I’m glad I was able to finish, especially with the way my runs have been going lately.

I walked around the parking lot for a bit and stretched a little and then I looked down at my hands and saw this:

Sausage fingers

Um, I don’t know when my fingers swelled up to twice their normal size, but apparently this is what running 10 miles does to my hands. Awesome, thanks crappy circulation.

Then, because I looked so gorgeous after running 10 miles I decided to prep my photos for America’s Next Top Model. Here’s my submission. I’m pretty confident I’ll win this season.

I'm here to win not to make friends!!

I started the drive home and made a slight detour to 7-11 where I grabbed a gatorade which I immediately drank in one go and a bag of ice. Then I went to Starbucks and held my self back from yelling at people ordering ridiculous mocha-frap-a-whip-cinos with extra shots of everything under the sun in them.

I took my ice and my Starbucks and crawled into my apartment where I somehow got up the courage to sit in an ice-bath for 10 mins. The second I hit 10 mins I leaped out of that bath time and into my Snuggie. I’m kidding about the Snuggie part, I refuse to pay money for those things. So I did this instead:

I’m going to make the biggest salad in the history of salads for lunch and then I’ll be heading off to work (I work at a restaurant on the weekends). I plan to nap in the back with all the cakes, surely no one will find me there.


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