Mimosas and Mondays

25 Apr
Yesterday (Easter Sunday) was great. Until 345 PM. I fell out of bed at about 830 AM and went to Sunday brunch at what is possibly the best place around, Mad Fox Brewing Co. Seriously, drop everything and go eat (and drink!) here now. Their food is amazing. I had Banana Walnut Bread French Toast with tons of syrup just like my hero:

"We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup."

And of course one of these was also consumed:

Take the damn picture so I can down this biatch!

How many of these can I order at once?

No brunch is complete without a mimosa. I also had a cup of coffee. Coffee + alcohol + tons and tons of syrup=one hyperactive individual. This breakfast was delicious but WOW. I was hopping up and down in the booth like a five-year old.
Post-brunch, I drove to middle-of-nowhere Maryland for my weekly horseback riding lesson.

You weigh how much?! No thank you, I think I'll just go back to my stall.

I only recently started riding again because of sweet Groupon deal, but no lie, it’s pretty awesome. The trainer is great fun and it’s a blast to just be outside. Plus, it’s a great workout for your leg muscles. Mondays generally consist of me wondering around aimlessly going “Ouch, ouch, ouch.”
I drove back to the city after horseback riding and grabbed some lunch and frozen yogurt at SweetGreen. Awesome. Then I got accosted by a homeless man. Not awesome. And then I had to go to work which was also not awesome. I work in restaurant on the weekends and because of Easter and the nice weather yesterday it was slow. Dead slow. Slow=no money. No money=boredom. Boredom=me taking pictures of grammatical errors in the restaurant.

Up in this joint we keep our slider bums in the bread cooler!

On to today! The weather was lovely so I didn’t have much trouble waking up and getting out of the house. Where I did have trouble was with Metro. Epic fail again Metro as always. Your sole goal in life is to constantly and consistently make me late for work, isn’t it?

We're not getting out of here alive are we?

I went for a run at lunch to test my legs out after Saturday’s 10-miler. Despite some muscle soreness in my calves and hip flexors I felt pretty strong. I made sure to warm-up and stretch, which I think really helped. I also took a few walking breaks to make sure I didn’t overdo, but I didn’t really feel like I needed them which was great! I tossed in some strides for a mini speed-workout. I felt a little slower than I usually do on my speed workouts, most likely because I haven’t done one for a month because of my really super-awesome shin splints. I might toss in one more speed workout before the Marine Corps Historic Half-Marathon, but I’ll go based off how I feel rather than sticking exactly to my training schedule.
And on a final note, I signed up for another race today, the  North Face Endurance Challenge 10K. It falls two weeks before my first triathlon so this should be interesting. I’ll post my triathlon training schedule tomorrow once I have it finalized.

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