On Weight-Lifting

27 Apr

Let’s breeze through the day shall we? Sadly, nothing exciting happened today. I got up, went to work, worked out and went home. I did take a shower which is kind of big deal because I am lazy and showers seem like so much work. I would fit right in with the Medieval Age peeps and their monthly baths.

I also made the mistake of going to Whole Paycheck (Whole Foods for those of you not in the know) where I spent an insane amount of money for a minuscule amount of food.

My tax refund had better pay for this!

Oh, and I finished Kara Goucher’s book. LOVE! I’d write a review but it would be biased because I totally love Kara, just like this crazy girl, she is so amazing. Did you know she ran for 50 minutes the day she went into labor? I bet Chuck Norris never did that!

Today’s work-out included 20 minutes of interval biking, 30 minutes of lifting (I’ll post  a list of go-to moves in the “Workin’ on My Fitness” page) and 20 minutes of ab stuff.

Weight Room

Work it out!

My Weight-Lifting Story and Why You Should Do It Too!

But let’s get to tonight’s main event, weightlifting! While I was going through my weight-lifting routine today I decided I wanted to write a post, hopefully a series of posts about weight-lifting. Two months ago I started adding in weight-lifting sessions three times a week. I had avoided weight-lifting for a long time for several reasons, chiefly because when I was in high school I was forced into a very intense weight-lifting program for my basketball team and I hated it. It turned me off weight-lifting for many years. In college, the weight room was usually filled with big, burly he-men all grunting as they tried to prove their manliness by lifting so much that they couldn’t get through sets. Post-college, I fell in love with running and dedicated myself to that leaving other forms of exercise to fall by the wayside.

When I started reading healthy-living blogs last year almost all advocated pursuing some sort of lifting program. It took me awhile to get over my fear of the weight room as it always seems to be full of guys and devoid of girls, and for a long time I was terrified of being judged by guys while lifting. But one day I sucked it up and went for it.

I’m so glad I did! Weight-lifting has done wonders for me. It’s “leaned” me out, toned my whole body and helped my running. Plus it makes you feel like a total bad-ass when you’re in the weight-room lifting more than some of the guys.

Some women don’t lift for fear of “bulking-up.” Don’t worry about this, unless you’re pumping ridiculous amounts of iron and on steroids, you’re not going to bulk-up. Some women don’t lift because they think cardio is enough. It’s not. Outside of the obvious vanity benefits (all-over toning, leaning out, etc) weight-lifting also helps to keep bones and muscles strong, which is especially important for women as we age. And some women, like  me, don’t lift for fear of being judged. Seriously, you don’t need to worry about this. First of all, every one is focused on their own work-out not on what you are doing. Second, if the guys are checking you out, they’re staring at your ass. Let them stare, you’ve worked hard to look good, take it as a compliment and get back to your workout!

I’m now two months into a regular training program and I love it! I did not take pictures before I started lifting so I don’t have any pre-lifting comparisons but I will post pictures on a monthly basis from now on to see how I progress.

In all honesty, I’m a bit nervous about posting these pictures. Like every woman, there are many parts of my body I do not like, but one thing (among many!) running and weight-lifting have given me is greater body confidence. For the first time ever, I plan to proudly rock a bikini this summer (I’ve worn bikinis before but only with thoughts of do my thighs look fat? Is my butt too big? I wish I had done more sit-ups, etc.) So, here goes nothing:

Lifting Month 2

Silly Pose!

Front- Lifting Month 2


Back- Lifting Month 2


In an effort to improve my weight-lifting, I’m currently reading The New Rules of Lifting for Women: Lift Like a Man, Look Like A Goddess. Thanks to Beneath It All for the recommendation! I’ll post a review once I finish the book. I hope this encourages some of you who might not have lifted before to get in that weight room and try something new!


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