Returning to the Routine

4 May

I had an absolute blast in Seattle this weekend. It was great to see my family and experience the city. Fortunately, the weather was lovely (except for Monday, rainy and cold, ick) sunny and gorgeous. Apparently, it’s been a horrible winter/spring, raining and cold, so we were lucky to have the first nice weekend.

That's one good-looking family!

Despite my best intentions (planning to exercise, packing my running gear, etc.) I only managed one short 3-mile run while I was away. It was a trail-run. Up a mountain. It hurt. A lot.

Trail running=schweaty mess

We did walk a lot, especially on Saturday, and while a couple of unexpected rest days helped, I was ready to get back to it this morning.

Not exercising is hard for me, and I haven’t had more than two consecutive days off from working out since Christmas. Rest days are critically important to staying healthy, but I like to work-out and find that more than two rest days and I start to feel a bit off. This time around I didn’t sleep as well (jet-lag probably didn’t help), felt bloated, and a bit short-tempered.

So even though I picked up a cold while in Seattle I knew I wanted to hit the gym today. The plan was 30 minutes on the treadmill and 30 minutes of weights. I often have trouble on the treadmill as I get bored very easily and stare at the numbers as they ever so slowly tick by, so I’ve tried to come up with some ways to keep the treadmill interesting. I always bring a magazine to cover up the screen and today the plan was to increase my speed by .1 at the end of every song.

I ended up just sort of “winging it” because my calf muscles felt super tight and even though I hopped off the treadmill and tried to stretch a few times they refused to loosen up. So, I played with my speed and incline for 25 minutes, then hopped off and biked for 10 mins.

Then I hit the weights. I hadn’t lifted since last Tuesday, and I felt a bit weaker, but I pushed through a 25 minute routine and felt much better!

I’ve got a core workout planned for tonight once I get home. I’m really wishing I had an indoor bicycle trainer, because I would love to fit in some more time on the bike, but I don’t want to go down to my apartment building’s teeny gym to do it.

You know you want me


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