A Weekend in Seattle

5 May

Friday morning I peaced out from DC and headed to the Emerald city. I flew first to NYC and then to Seattle. The flight to NY was excellent. I sat next to a guy who participated in the DC Triathlon last June and had completed several half-Ironmans. He gave me some tips about triathlon training, and also informed that swimming in the Potomac is probably the nastiest thing ever.

Don't worry this is perfectly normal...for the Potomac

The layover in New York was tedious. I grabbed lunch at an Italian place and it was sort of disgusting. The flight to Seattle was largely uneventful. Except for a screaming baby. I strongly dislike babies. Kids are great, I was a nanny for several years. But babies, not so much. They do nothing but scream, and eat and throw-up. Not my idea of fun.

My parents picked me up from the airport and we drove to my brother’s airport in Issaquah. Issaquah is basically party central. Their main attraction is a salmon hatchery.

You know, I could be watching grass grow

They have an annual festival in October where the whole town turns out to watch the salmon jump around in the river. I know what could possible beat that for excitement?

We went out for pizza at a place called Lombardi’s. It was delicious; completely made up for the crappy Italian at JFK airport.

Feed me!!

We all went to bed early, as the major festivities were planned for the next day.

Saturday we woke up early and took the bus into the city. Three teenage girls sat across from us and kept the ride interesting by discussing critically important topics such as the pronunciation of Ashton Kutcher’s last name at obnoxious levels.

We hit up Pike Place first, because I was close to killing people in order to get coffee.

I don't see coffee!

Coffee? Yes, please!

Sadly, I did not get coffee from the original Starbuck’s. The line was ridiculously long, and I needed coffee in an IV form by that point. So instead we found something better. A French bakery!

Eat me!

I lived in France for a semester in high school, so I was skeptical. But this place was phenomenal. I inhaled the croissant I ordered, and seriously contemplated going back for more.


We wondered around Pike Place Market for a bit. I got excited about all the fish.

I can haz?

And then we broke for lunch. I demanded seafood, and I got it!

Pacific salmon>Atlantic salmon

The food was amazing. If you’re in Seattle, I definitely recommend Cutter’s. It’s right be Pike Place and delicious.

We walked down to the pier and decided to take the ferry over to Bainbridge island. We may have had too much fun on the boat:

Sky High!

Boat Yoga

The view of Seattle were amazing and I’m so glad the weather was gorgeous. It would have sucked if it was raining.

City skyline

Back on land, we wandered around the city for a bit before it was time for the big birthday dinner. We headed to a Moroccan restaurant called Marrakesh. We had a blast. The food was delicious.

Where's the damn silverware?

the wine was flowing,

Is only mah third glass. I swearz

the birthday boy was happy and there was an intensive debate about whether or not the belly-dancer was a transvestite. Majority said yes.

We all went home full and happy.

Sunday was spent in the hipster part of the city (nearby the University of Washington. I think it was called U-Town?), eating and exploring. Monday, I was on my own in Issaquah as my brother had to work and my parents had already headed home. It rained. I attempted to go to the gym and the woman yelled at me because I hadn’t signed their waiver form. So I went back to the apartment, attempted a mini-boot camp, gave up  halfway through, walked into town and got coffee. Then it was back to the airport to head home.

I really enjoyed Seattle, but I did get to see it in some particularly nice weather. With all that rain I don’t ever think I could live it there. All in all a great weekend. I so miss having my family close-by. It makes it hard when you all live in different parts of the country.


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