Taper Madness!!!

13 May

So, until Monday I was feeling calm and fairly confident about Sunday’s half-marathon.

I wish this could be my motto


I felt like I had trained properly doing long runs, tempo runs, and easy runs. I’d taken time off when my shins were really hurting and had come back stronger. I added in weight-lifting and yoga to my training schedule to help improve my running.

I wouldn’t say I was feeling on-top-of-the-world, but I felt pretty bad-ass. Like, “Yea, that’s right. By 10 AM on Sunday I’ll have run 13.1 miles, what will you have done?”

Then Monday come, and all of sudden the wheels fell of the proverbial wagon.

Landing may be a problem

 On the train to work serious doubt started to leak out. “What if you didn’t train properly?” “What if you can’t finish the race?” “13.1 miles is SO far, I’ll never be able to run that!”

I was suddenly panicing about the fact that the longest run I had done was 10 miles, that I had not stuck exactly to the training plan and that I had to take time off for injuries. And things have been one big suck-fest, pity party since Monday.

but only if you bring chocolate or alcohol

I’m antsy, and nervous and just generally feel like I’m losing my mind.

This was all just a misunderstanding... I don't really want to run it!

All of this seems to point to the classic, widespread disease runners experience known as taper madness. The week before a big race, such as 15Ks, half-marathons, and marathons, you are supposed to decrease your mileage/training to let your body rest up for the race.

Dean, this is NOT the correct way to taper

The problem is you have to decrease your mileage and the intestity of your workouts just as your nerves are skyrocketing. So now you have all this excess energy and nervousness and nothing to do with it! I did workout this week, but I only ran one day and the intesity of my workouts was way down.

Of course, all of this should help me come Sunday when I need my legs to be fresh and ready to go, but that’s doing nothing to help me right now. I’ve spent most of the week alternating between hyperventilating, pulling my hair out and eating all the cupcakes, chocolate and ice cream in the land. Any suggestions on more effective ways to deal with taper madness as I would prefer not to look crazy, be bald or gain 100 pounds before Sunday.

I have a mud run tonight which should help decrease some of the stress, but I fully expect to be a a giant ball of stress and nerves tomorrow.


One Response to “Taper Madness!!!”

  1. Dawn May 13, 2011 at 8:12 pm #

    Yup, this is all perfectly normal. I wouldn’t expect to sleep much the night before the race either, so do what you can to get a really good night’s sleep tonight.

    Sadly, there’s not much you can do except to keep yourself distracted. Maybe some light yoga, if that’s your thing? I think tonight’s mud run will be just the thing for you, really. It’ll be fun and get you moving and outside of your head. Have fun!

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