Musical Motivation

25 May

I haven’t been doing a great job of tracking my daily workouts, and this blog is (supposedly) about my marathon training. So starting tomorrow I’m going to implement Work It Out Wednesday. I’ll post an overview of the previous week’s workout and how marathon training is going, how I’m feeling, etc. I would love if you guys shared you’re workouts or training plans too. I’m always up for trying new things (like pool running!)

Knee Update

I went to spin class yesterday and did 30 mins of weight lifting. I also bored myself to tears with 10 mins on the elliptical. I hate that stupid machine.

Well of course you can have fun if you look like me!

I’m not a fan of the treadmill either, but somehow the elliptical seems so. Much. Worse. Even if I amp up the resistance etc, I still don’t feel like I’m working as hard as I am when I’m running. All I want to do is jump off the thing and kick it. But that would hurt, so instead I just glare bitterly at it. My knee didn’t hurt on the elliptical and it didn’t hurt during spin class. It was a MAJOR hills day and I didn’t put up the resistance as high as I could have, I just didn’t want to risk it. Our instructor tries to murder us anyway, so I was suffering as without the super high resistance.

I did a few squats and lunges, and my knee twinged a bit then, but nothing major.

I swam today and felt great. I’m really starting to enjoy swimming, and think I finally have the breath, stroke, kick coordination down. Before it felt like I was going to drown or sink to the bottom, not really awesomesauce. So I’m going to attempt a run after work tonight. Just a short, easy run to see if Sunday’s half will even be a possibility. I need to repeat these lines while out running though, “If my knee starts to hurt, I will stop running immediately. I will turn around and head home. I will not pass Go and collect $200.”

It’s the Music That We Choose

Even though there’s probably only a 50-50 shot I’ll be able to run the Alexandria half on Sunday, I’m moving forward like I’ll be running 13.1 miles on Sunday.

With that in mind, I need some new music to jam out to come Sunday. I made a brand-spankin’ new mix for the Marine Corps half, and it really helped me push through some of the tough parts of the race. Music can be a great distractor when you’re out running and I plan to use tunes to push me to a PR on Sunday (as long as I’m ok to run, we’ll see how things go tonight and tomorrow).

Here is my Marine Corps playlist.

Your taste in music offends me

As you can see it’s all over the map taste-wise (no mocking! Ok, you can mock a little). In my daily life I have much more centered test in music, I like rock and alternative and occasionally some cool pop music.

When running, I don’t care about good musical taste. If it’s fast and or furious I will put it on my running mix. Hence, the massive amount of rap, hip-hop and reggaeton on  my MCHHM mix. I’ve also found that the closer I get to a race the more obsessive I get about the order of songs. The night before Marine Corps I spent 2 hours organizing and re-organizing the songs so I had the “perfect” order. Of course, the next day I set my iPod shuffle to random before the start and when it didn’t play the songs as I had ordered them I may or may not have had a teeny tiny meltdown. I was too nervous to realize my mistake and just gave up and spent the race with the shuffle set to random.

The past couple workouts I’ve found myself skipping through a bunch of songs which is usually a sing that I need to update my music. So please send me any and all suggestions! My shuffle will appreciate the break from skipping songs.


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