Finally, A Weekend!

1 Jun

For the first time in living memory I had a full two days off. In a row. It was bliss to have 48 hours in which I did not have to do any kind of work. Usually, I’m at my regular job M-F from 830-530, then Friday nights and Saturdays I work as a server. But this weekend I had Sunday and Monday completely to myself. So what did I do with all that free time? Did I sleep in and laze around the house in my ugliest pjs? Absolutely not.

I awoke bright and early Sunday morning ready to run my second half-marathon in two weeks.

530 AM + no coffee = not fully awake

I wanted to desperately to PR in this race after my disastrous finish time at Marine Corps. Even though I had to modify my race strategy two miles in I still managed to PR, which thrilled me. I tried to keep my expectations low for this race given my recent knee issues, so when it started to hurt around mile 2 I modified my race strategy. Well first, I hit the wall. At mile 2 which sucked. I very seriously considered quitting when my knee started to hurt. I came very close to calling it a day and dropping out of the race. So close that I slowed down to pull off to the side. But I realized that if I quit then I would be fiercely unhappy with myself not just for the rest of the day but for quite some time.

I made the deal with myself that if I truly needed to drop out (ie excruciating knee pain) I could, but barring that I was going to finish the damn race! Instead of walking through each water station like I had planned I decided to speed-walk, run when I could, have fun and encourage other participants since spectator support was low and the heat was getting to everyone.

I think I can, I think I can...

Pushing past the wall and continuing the race was a great decision. Even though I didn’t love this race like I did Marine Corps (you can read my Alexandria race review here) I would have been thoroughly disappointed had I quit at mile 2. By pushing through I proved that I could overcome small obstacles and adapt to a changing situation. I also now qualify to be a Half-Fanatic. Cool!

Even after pushing through the wall, this race was not super fun. I ate Swedish Fish that a volunteer was handing out at mile 6 and they made an unfortunate reappearance at mile 7. It was hot, the course involved repeating the same loop three times and spectator support was low. But not every race can be an incredible experience and I’m still glad I did it.

After the half, I took myself out to a celebratory brunch featuring coffee, mimosas, and omelets.


Demolished and delicious

Amazing. I also saw Bridesmaids. Hilarious, go see it with some girlfriends. It’s like the female version of Wedding Crashers.

Sunday night was spent at my favorite restaurant, The Beach Shack (if you live in the DC area, go here, and order a Painkiller it will change your life), with great friends.

Monday was spent cleaning my entire apartment, hanging out with friends and then I had my first encounter of the season with this:

Do you think they'll let me live on the sundeck?

Hello beautiful, clear, cool water. How I have missed you. Let’s not part this summer okay?

I swam a few leisurely laps in the pool today and yesterday, but that’s been the extent of my exercise. Tomorrow I’ll be hitting up AM Vinyasa, doing some weights and run/walking in the evening with my lovely blog buddy A DC Running Novice.

I’ll be back tomorrow with Work It Out Wednesday post!


What’s your favorite summer activity?

How did you spend the long weekend?


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