TNT Marine Corps Marathon Training Plan

2 Jun

So, I finally got my lazy behind around to scanning my Team-in-Training Marathon training schedule (say that three times fast!).

Here it is in all it’s glory.

Why, why, why?!

Every time I look at it I feel a bit like crying, or drinking heavily. After my two half-marathons I spent a good amount of time wondering how on earth I had just run 13.1 miles. I think the only reason I signed up for the second half is because I blacked out most of the first.

A marathon, for those not good at math such as me  is twice as long. 26.2 long, long miles. I looked at the map for MCM and we run through the ENTIRE city, and some of Virgina too, just you know for good measure.

Plus, to add insult to (literal in my case) injury, I’ll be doing most of my marathon training in the wicked awful DC heat. Running 20 miles in 90 hot and humid degrees is going to be no joke. Ice baths suddenly sound like a genius idea.

I think I may just go have that drink now…


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