Work It Out Wednesday

15 Jun

Sorry for the radio silence this weekend (and Monday and Tuesday). On Friday, I learned that my uncle had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, so I’m still sort of processing the news.

I took a que from a RunningQuotes tweet (“It is the greatest of mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little.” -Sydney Smith) and I signed up yesterday to participate in the Purple Stride Walk in DC on Saturday. Please feel free to join me or to donate here:

Work It Out Wednesday

But it’s time to get back to regularly scheduled programing. I promise to be a better blogger for the rest of this week and post regularly. You guys are awesome and I hope you didn’t abandon me after my lack of posts this weekend!

I finally got back on track with my workouts this week, and feel much better as a result. I’m still slacking on my yoga practice (I skipped again this morning), and still struggling to wake up early, but there have been some big improvements over the past couple weeks.

I took only one rest day, and it was scheduled (the past couple of weeks I’ve ended up with several rest days, mostly unscheduled). I ran three out of the past six days, and will run again today. I’ve even conquered my fear of the elliptical and hopped on that baby a few times. And I didn’t once kick the machine in annoyance.

So here’s this week’s breakdown:

Wednesday- Weights, 2o mins; Swimming 10 mins; elliptical 10 mins.

Thursday- Incline walking + run, 2.5 miles, 30 mins (using this awesome girl’s workout); 15 mins core stuff.

Friday- BodyPump (woke up at 6AM, win!) 45 mins; elliptical 15 mins; Bike 10 mins.

Saturday- Ran 4 miles, 39 mins.

Sunday- Rest; Played in the pool for 30 mins.

Monday- Ran 4 miles, 45 mins.

Tuesday- elliptical, 10 mins; Weights 25 mins.

Wednesday- planning on a run (3-5 miles depending on the knee); maybe some biking or ellipticizing.

I’ve been really bad about following my Team-in-Training program and I need to get back on that. Otherwise October is going to hurt. Actually, it’s going to hurt no matter what I do, but it will hurt a lot more if I don’t follow the training plan.

On a totally random note, I think I need a new water bottle. I have this Fuel Belt one which I love, but everytime I tip it up t0 drink it dumps water all over me. No bueno. Suggestions for a new handheld water bottle? I’m not a huge fan of the belts, I have big hips and they don’t stay put.


How were your workouts this past week?

Anyone else seriously enjoying this newly found cooler weather in DC?


2 Responses to “Work It Out Wednesday”

  1. Victoria (District Chocoholic) June 15, 2011 at 5:56 pm #

    I’m so sorry to hear about your uncle. That must be really hard.

    And YES I LOVE THE WEATHER. I actually RAN OUTSIDE THIS MORNING. And I’ve been sleeping with my windows open. Awesomness all around

    • feetoffancy June 16, 2011 at 3:18 am #

      Yea, it’s the second time in as many years that an immediate family member has been diagnosed with cancer. Not cool.

      I am so thrilled I can run outside again. The treadmill and I have a notoriously ugly relationship and it was killing me to have to run on the treadmill last week.

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