Fat Dayz

21 Jun

We all have one of “those days” every now and then. But it seems like the whole of last week was that way. Every article of clothing looked wrong, my hair wouldn’t do anything, and I felt self-conscious while running and at the gym.

I suspect there are several reasons why I did not feel like a rock star last week. First, it was a crazy week. Between work, house-sitting, more work, social stuff I stupidly promised to do, marathon training and more work I’m just tired. Second, I didn’t eat great last week, I’ve definitely noticed that when I eat a lot of salty, fried foods I end up not feeling great and there was a of that junk consumed last week. Third, I miss my green monster smoothies. I kept forgetting to buy spinach while I was house-sitting and so never made any. I really want one. If someone could bring one to me my address is 111 Crazytown St. Washington, D.C, Planet Earth. Fourth, the weather has been all over the place lately. Last week it was hotter than the surface of the sun. This week it cooled down and the humidity dropped, then the humidity picked back up. Then it rained a lot.

The best way to manage these kinds of days is probably to climb straight back into bed and peace out for the day. But unfortunately, most of us,me included 😦 ,can’t do that. That pesky little thing called life keeps cropping up. So here are a few ways I deal (although last week it was more “trying to deal”) with “those” days.

1) Have a go to outfit

I have a couple of outfits that I love and always help to boost my confidence no matter how I feel. They usually involve bright colors because that’s what I love, but if you feel more comfortable rocking the black or white than go for it! It just needs to make YOU feel good.

Public restroom photos are the height of cool

2) Talk to your mom

Moms are honestly the absolute best. No matter how down I feel talking to mom will always help. Somehow they always say just the right things to help you feel better. Plus, they think you are beautiful and gorgeous no matter how scary and exhausted you might actually look.

My beautiful mama!

3) Go for a run

Or do some form of exercise. Just moving for a bit will help you to feel more energized and less “life is sucktastic”.

We're going places legs

4) Smell a flower

or something similarly small. Sometimes acknowledging the small things in life will help you realize that there are much bigger, more important things than the fact that you’re skinny jeans didn’t look just right this morning.

Pretty in Pink

5) Do something fun

Plan a trip, drive a go-kart, play a pick-up soccer game.

Guys, I lost the ball

Doing something fun and active will help take your mind off the zit that is only visible to you in the mirror or the cellulite that only you can see.

Our faults are always a zillion times more visible to us than to anyone else. I might look in the mirror and see pale skin and greasy hair (shampoo might help) and less than washboard abs, but I seriously doubt that most people are looking at me and thinking “Boy, she really should do more sit-ups.” Most people aren’t paying any attention to me, because they’re too damn busy leading their own lives, which I would realize if I spent less time worrying about my roots showing.

So you don’t feel your best today. As my mom’s stationary says, “Put Your Big Girl Panties On and Deal With It.” 99 cent stationary, I couldn’t have said it better myself.


2 Responses to “Fat Dayz”

  1. Coach brian June 22, 2011 at 2:19 am #

    Well said, mom’s stationary. Most people are too busy worrying about their own zits to notice yours. Usually worrying about your appearance only draws attention to it. You should never feel self conscious while running. Anyone who has the energy to judge you isn’t busy running themselves!

    • feetoffancy June 22, 2011 at 3:11 pm #

      Excellent words of wisdom! I once had someone yell at me about my form while I was out running. Dude, I’m out running, you’re sitting on your porch, maybe not the appropriate time to comment on someone else’s form.

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