PurpleStride 2011

22 Jun

On Saturday I took part in my first charity walk in many, many years. If my old lady memory recalls correctly, I was fifteen the last time I took part in a walk. So here we are 150 years later and I’m walking once again.

I’ve always wanted to go fast (please feel free to reference Talladega Nights) and I have trouble maintaining a nice, normal walking pace (being 6’2 doesn’t help either, my legs are about four times as long as an average sized person). Saturday was no exception, I kept waiting for the “race” to start, but of course it was a charity walk, not a run.

Despite the constant and overwhelming urge to run I had a killer time at Saturday’s walk. The PurpleStride walks raise money for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network which does some great work. Pancreatic cancer is the fourth deadliest type of cancer and the survival statistics for this disease are horrible. Like all cancer, it is a hideous disease that requires further research and funding. It was a positive experience for me and I  would highly recommend signing up for one of their events.


I registered online less than a week out from the event. It was easy and frustration-free. They automatically set up a fund-raising page for you and I was able to send the link out immediately.

They also offered day-of registration which didn’t seem too crowded. The only issue if you signed up on the day-of was a lack of t-shirt sizes. Only larges were available by that point.

Registration and Pick-up

They offered prizes for fund-raising which was awesome, but you could also choose to wave them if you didn’t want the organization to have to shell out the cost. I walked away with a free 32 oz water bottle just for raising over $100.

Starting Line

There was a lot of activity at the starting line. They had survivors and current patients speak, a wall you could sign to recognize those you were walking in honor or in memory of, a kid’s area to play and a Purple Shop to buy all kinds of gear at (I bought a tumbler and to pancreatic cancer wrist bands).

Where are the hula hoops for the big kids??

Reading the wall had me in tears, so many had lost love ones. There’s nothing that one can do except keep fighting and work to raise awareness.

But the speakers were so inspiring and served as a great reminder that no matter how poor the statistics are, there is always hope. You just have to keep believing.

The start was straight-forward and easy. They cut the ribbon and we were off!


The Walk

I started out behind a group of people with the BEST shirts.

Give me that shirt woman!

But I quickly took the lead. Literally. I was walking next to the two guys carrying the banner and it felt like I was moving soooo slowly. I kept wishing I had brought my walker.

I work THIS hard to be THIS awesome

It was a blast being out in the front and led to some interesting moments. Like when we weren’t sure which street to turn down because no one could find the map, or when the police did not shut down the intersection as they promised (MPD you can join WMATA in the ninth circle of hell) and we had to authoritatively march through traffic. But it led to fund-raising breakthrough- Car-dodging for Cancer. I think it will be the next big thing along with nanopets, and Furbies.

Don't get hit!

All in all it was a lovely day in DC and there were plenty of purple-clad walkers striding down the National Mall.

Finish Line

I didn’t stick around for the finishing ceremonies as I had to get back to VA, but they had a band playing and it seemed pretty lively. They also had bagels, apples, and granola bars available which was awesome.

It was a great event for a fantastic cause and I am so glad I decided to sign-up even if it was a bit last minute.

Boy, that was a tough 3.1 miles

I don’t have too many upcoming race plans, so if anyone has recommendations let me know! I’m feeling a serious itch to race…


Any exciting weekend plans?

Who’s got awesome races coming up? I want to hear about them!


4 Responses to “PurpleStride 2011”

  1. Coach brian June 22, 2011 at 2:45 am #

    Okay, I feel like a stalker now for being the first commenter on the last two posts after never commenting on your blog before (I just started following you after tonight’s #fitblog chat).

    My next race in the Disney Wine & Dine 1/2 marathon. It should be a good time. I’m leading a team of 10. After that, it’ll be the Tennessee Ragnar Relay from Chattanooga to Nashville. With any luck, the fall foliage will be in full color that weekend! I’ll highly recommend both :).

    • feetoffancy June 22, 2011 at 3:12 pm #

      No worries! I love any and all comments and especially new commentators 🙂

      I’m determined to do the Disney Wine & Dine at some point. You’ll have to let me know if it lives up to expectations. I’m doing the DC Ragnar Relay and could not be more excited! Good luck with both races!

  2. katie June 23, 2011 at 3:16 pm #

    this looks like a blast! I love all purple exercise related things. 🙂

    • feetoffancy June 23, 2011 at 5:13 pm #

      It was a great time. I’m big on purple too, so I loved the shirt!

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