Cooking and Not Burning the House Down

24 Jun

I’m not really the best of cooks. I’m a pretty mean baker, but cooking, not so much. It’s not my fault, it’s genetics. My mom once served undercooked chicken to my dad because her mother “always cooked it pink.” My dad, on his first Thanksgiving adventure left the giblets in the turkey. We had Chinese for Thanksgiving instead.

So as you can see, I come from a long line of non-cooks. However, as a recent college grad (read: student loan payments coming out the wazoo) I can’t afford to eat out every night. Every now and again I attempt to cook. Occasionally, I succeed. Occasionally, I set things on fire. Tonight was the former.

I saw this recipe on Angela’s blog earlier today and thought it looked simple enough that even I could replicate it. There were a few missteps along the way, and an epic fight with an avocado (I will destroy you one day!) but soon I had the creamy sauce made:

No fingers were lost in production

Vegetables that were basically evenly sliced. Just a few renegades:

There were a few escapees when I drained the pasta, but after mixing it all together I was able to proclaim, Dinner WIN!


It was a pretty delicious dinner, though I might add some pepper or something to the avocado cream sauce next time. I like some kick in my dishes!

After dinner I busted out these babies from Trader Joe’s:

Never leave me!

They are like crack. I’ve eaten three. I would eat more but I would need to grow a second stomach.

Running Fail

I took my work-out inside today because we’re back to sauna weather in DC. I hate the treadmill and I struggled with my run today. I gave up after 2.75 miles. My legs didn’t want to go and there was a weird, smelly guy who had chosen the treadmill next to mine even though there were six other free treadmills!

I was going to run a few more miles tonight. But then I had to drive to Herndon which is basically the middle of nowhere to me and by the time I got home, I just didn’t feel like it. Instead, I bought a new running hat and now I am ogling these babies:

Buy me, I'm blue and beautiful!

I’m trying to stay strong, but I seriously suspect I will soon be getting a lovely package from amazon. I’m sorry but who can saw no to ridiculously brightly colored running shoes? No one that’s who.

Thank god the weekend is nearly here. I’m only working one shift this weekend at most, which is awesome! I will have almost a full weekend. It also means that I can actually go to my Team-in-Training run on Saturday morning. We’re doing 7 miles. Pray for me. I haven’t run anywhere near that far since the Alexandria half-marathon almost a month ago.

I’m off to nurse my food-baby belly and watch random Disney documentaries on TV. Oh and to contemplate the many horrific ways in which I could die on July 18th, when I go SKY-DIVING!!!!!


Do you enjoy cooking or would you rather poke your eyes out with needles?

Have you ever voluntarily put yourself in life or death situation, such as skydiving?


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