‘Fess It Up… Monday?

11 Jul

So this was supposed to be posted Friday, but I spent the weekend with zero access to the internet. I know have a back-log of posts that need to go up throughout the week so prepare for a posting overload!

It’s time again for everyone’s favorite part of the week… random facts about me!

1) I claim that yellow is my favorite color but I think it’s actually green. I buy EVERYTHING in green. But I’m maintaining that yellow is my favorite color. I have no idea why.

2) I hate, hate, hate applesauce. I love apples in all other forms, but applesauce grosses me out. It’s the texture, it just isn’t right.

3) I love hanging out with teenagers, probably because I never progressed past the mental age of fourteen. Seriously, it’s all “that’s what she said” jokes and stupid innuendo, but I usually end up with tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard.

4) When I was little I used to eat peppers and turnips like they were apples. My mom would sit them in front of me and I would go to town. I was weird kid.

5) I was also a horrible kid. I tortured my little brother to no end. It’s a miracle he isn’t permenantly scared. My tactics ranged from the mundane (telling him he was adopted), to the creative (pasting Caution Police Line tape all over his door in the middle of the night so he couldn’t get out in the morning) to the down right cruel (putting boiling water in a squirt gun right before starting a squirt gun fight).

I think it may be a terrible idea for me to breed. I do not want to raise kids with those genes.

6) Modern Family is my new obsession. I may have broken a rib from laughing so hard.

7) I had way too much fun with the improve-film-titles-by-adding-in-my-pants hash tag on twitter Sunday night. It wasn’t really my fault. I had been trapped in a car for 8 hours and was bored to the point of desperation. I was making up song lyrics I was so bored. And not good ones. the in-my-pants game was way more fun.

8) I will forever refuse to read the Twilight books and see the films. Peer pressure me all you want, I think the whole series is stupid. Plus Harry Potter could totally kick their weirdo vampire asses any day of the week.

9) I am anxiously awaiting the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter movie after which I will go home and cry and lament the fact that my childhood is now over. I am old. Also, I have read the Harry Potter books approximately 100 times each. They never get old.

10) I’ve been walking around my office in flip-flops for the past couple of weeks because it’s all my poor, tired, blistered feet can handle.

11) It is T-minus 7 days until my first sky-diving adventure. I had a mild panic attack today and tried to remember why I thought it would be a good idea to voluntarily throw myself out of a plane. I couldn’t remember.

Hopefully, that’s enough random facts about me to keep everyone disturbed for another week. See you tomorrow with a couple of posts!


Who else tortured or was tortured by their siblings?

Has anyone been sky-diving? Please tell me it will be okay in the end.

Who is pumped for Harry Potter and not ashamed to admit it?


2 Responses to “‘Fess It Up… Monday?”

  1. evamadera July 11, 2011 at 10:21 pm #

    While I respectfully disagree with you about Twilight 😀 I am beyond excited about the Harry Potter movie. I’m going to the midnight showing with my 2 teenage boy cousins and I’m pretty sure I’m 10 times more excited about the movie than they are.

    • feetoffancy July 12, 2011 at 9:37 pm #

      I’ve just never been able to get into the Twilight series. Harry Potter will always have my heart. I know the feeling, I was hanging out with some family friends last night who have three teenagers and when I asked who was excited to see Harry Potter this week they all looked at me like I was crazy! Silly kids, they know nothing!

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