Work It Out Wednesday

28 Jul

Again, this post is late. My procrastinating personality is showing again. One day I will learn to do stuff on time, but that day is not today!

Even though I’m going to start titling all my posts with “And that’s when…” I’m not going to do that for Work It Wednesday or ‘Fess It Up Friday, because let’s face it, I’m too lazy to type the additional three words.

This week was… sluggish. There were a lot of days where I just didn’t feel like running/working-out. On Sunday, I seriously considered staying in bed when my alarm went off and skipping my long run. As it was, it took me nearly two hours after I woke up to get myself on the treadmill, but that may have been due to my fear and hatred of the treadmill.

I took Monday as a rest day because my legs were sore from the 10-miler. Then Tuesday I took another rest day for no apparent reason. I had a meeting at lunch and couldn’t work out, which usually isn’t an issue I just work out in the evening. But even after I changed into my workout clothes I still didn’t want to go work-out. This method is usually fool-proof. Once I’m in work-out clothes I have no excuse not to go work-out.

I also have not eaten super fantastically this week. I’ve been snacking a lot on random stuff lying around and I have barely cooked this past week. Must rectify next week.


Thursday– Arc trainer, 1.75 miles, 20 mins; Weights 30 mins.

Friday- Exercise ADD day. 1-mile treadmill run, 10 mins; Rowing machine, 10 mins; 30-Day Ab Challenge 15 mins.

Saturday– Rest

Sunday– 10 miles, 2 hours.

Monday– Rest

Tuesday– Rest

Wednesday– 3-mile treadmill run, 33 minutes; Elliptical warm-up .8 mile, 10 mins; Weights workout, 30 mins; 30-Day Ab Challenge stuff 15 minutes

Also, I totally failed at the 30-Day Ab Challenge last week. Maybe I’ll add an additional week to make up for it.

I have a tough workout planned tonight: a track workout and then swimming. Hopefully, I’ll feel more motivated after that and next week won’t be quite so draining. I think sleep also played a role in this week’s sluggishness. I’ve been going to bed later than I typically do and not sleeping super well.

More importantly I have been deprived of my typical 4-5 cups of daily coffee. At most I’ve had a cup everyday (various reasons including morning craziness, meetings that don’t have coffee, too lazy to walk to Starbucks, etc.) and no coffee makes me more than a little unstable. It makes me deranged. Feel free to lecture me on the negatives of caffeine but I will never, ever give up my beloved coffee.

Also, if you live in the VA/DC/MD area my Team-in-Training group is having a fundraiser next week. Just show this flyer at the Tyson’s Corner California Pizza Kitchen on August 3rd or 4th and 20% of your check will go straight to our fundraising campaign.

A super big thank you in advance if you do go! Would anyone be interested in maybe making this a blogger meet-up? I know CPK is not the world’s most super-awesome place, but I promise to make awkward jokes and lecture everyone on the importance of leaving a 20% tip.


Is anyone doing the Splash ‘n’ Dash on August 7th? Would anyone want to do the race with me?

What do you do when you can’t muster up exercise motivation?


2 Responses to “Work It Out Wednesday”

  1. Victoria (District Chocoholic) July 28, 2011 at 3:16 pm #

    I did the June Splash n’ Dash, which was super fun and not too big. I get back from a trip at about 11 pm the night before this one, so I’m probably not doing it. But maybe…I mean it’s short…

  2. feetoffancy August 2, 2011 at 11:22 am #

    Do it…

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