So about that blogging comeback…

22 Jun

Yea, less of a comeback, more of “hey remember that one time a wrote a post saying I was making a comeback and then never wrote again because I am awesome like that.”

But, oh well. I’m never going to write a post when I have nothing to say (because I’m too lazy to be creative, it’s such a time suck), and I wasn’t really sure of the direction I wanted to take with the comeback. So I took another little break. But just like Lindsay Lohan, you can’t get rid of me.

Back in my days of blogging on a regular basis, I used to do this series called ‘Fess It Up Friday, where you all have the opportunity to learn ridiculous and pointless bits of information about me. So here it is again ‘Fess It Up Friday, I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting its return:

1) I always think I “super-OMG-LOVE-summer” until summer actually arrives in DC. I don’t care if this place was built on a swamp or tidal-basin or the moon. It gets hot. Unacceptably hot. I feel like I just stepped out into an oven hot. I try to remind myself that the world has bigger problems, wars and famines and all that, but all I can really think about is, I could actually cook on egg on the sidewalk right now. Literally, cook an egg.

2) Nothing annoys more in this world (at least this week), than guys who grunt ridiculously at the gym. Seriously, dude stop it. You look like a tool. Actually, you probably are a tool, so maybe it’s better you continue to grunt like a jungle animal (do jungle animals grunt?) so everyone has fore-warning of your tool-dom and steers clear.

3) On the topic of annoying men, just because I am out running in what is standard running gear (shorts and a tank top) does not mean you get to ogle me with your eyeballs falling out of your head and say things like “Hey baby, looking good, we should go out some time.” I mean, really, where do you think this is going to lead, other than me kicking you in the family jewels with my runner’s legs.

4) Moving on to the topic of annoying women, why do so many women go to the gym with their hair perfectly done and their make-up just so. You are at the gym, people! You are going to sweat (shocker, I know), you are going to smell gross, and your hair is going to get ruined (unless you’re Kate Middleton). If you’re going to come to the gym looking like you’re going to the club you might want to save yourself the trouble and just go to the club. This strategy will also save you money, no more pesky gym membership fees.

5) I buy most of my clothes at thrift stores. A) It’s cheap B) I’m broke and C) DC area thrift stores have some awesome, awesome finds. Oh, hello Theory jacket for $6 and you lovely Coach purse for $3, and you classy Kate Spade shoes for $5, I will indeed add you to my wardrobe. Seriously, thrifting is the best. If you ever need a thrifting buddy I will happily accompany you. For a price. A very, very high price. It’s only fair since you’re getting clothes for so cheap.

6) Marathon training is much, much better this time around. I think it has something to do with this major revelation I had which I will call my “don’t train like a complete freaking idiot” revelation. Instead of reading all about how to properly train and then doing whatever I want to (no I don’t think I’ll run hills, sure I’ll drink this bottle of wine the night before my long run, no I don’t care to stretch or foam roll), I’m actually doing some things right. I still hate running hills (but I’m doing them), I still have the occasional glass of wine, and I still don’t always foam roll and stretch. But I’m getting better. And I’m a million, zillion light years from where I was last year. Also, cross-training=life-saver.

7) I switched from running in the Asics GT-2160s to running in the Saucony Kinvara 3s. I think this falls into the category of “don’t train like a complete freaking idiot” category, but you know what? I feel so much better in the Kinvaras. No shin splints, no aching knees. The only issue I had the first few times I ran in them was achiness in my right hip. And I stretched the sucker out, and like magic the achiness went away.

8) I hate Lebron James. I also hate that he finally won his stupid, precious ring last night. I don’t really care about the NBA at all and if you asked me to tell you the last time I watched I game I couldn’t. But I can tell you I have an abnormal hatred for Lebron.

9) I used to be incapable of remembering to pack a lunch for work. Then one day I looked at my budget and realized the insane amount of money I was spending every month by not packing my lunch and I have now successfully taken my lunch to work for several months. Yes, I am exceptionally proud of myself, you should be too.

10) The first casualty of marathon training has appeared. Good-bye left toenail, it was nice knowing you.


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