A Promising Return

4 Dec

Well, well, well. So much for my grand plans to get back on track and start posting regularly. Said grand plans had to be set aside when life got in the way. Without getting into too many boring personal details it has been a year of extreme highs and very deep lows for me. A year of love and new beginnings coupled with loss and significant readjustments. One day I might be prepared to share, but I’m still getting a grip on the major changes to my surroundings and it’s a tough slog at times.

But, despite all the ups and downs, I’ve found that I’ve missed blogging these past few months, and while I probably have roughly zero readers left at this point (that’s what I get for teasing everyone with “Hey! I’m returning to regularly scheduled programming” posts and then doing the exact opposite) I’d like to start blogging again, even if it is just to keep my sanity in check. Maybe I’ll get lucky and a feel people will journey on over to my little piece of the internet. If so awesome! Welcome, you are fabulous and I’m happy to have you here. If no one finds they’re way over here, that’s okay too, life will certainly go on even if my blog doesn’t have, like, SO many hits everyday! So for these few readers who still occasionally check in over here, today’s post might be a little a serious, but I pinky-promise it’s probably just this one time. Serious isn’t my style. We all need a little sass and sarcasm up in here.

So along with blogging, running also took a backseat for awhile. But fortunately, that has started to shift over recent weeks and I’ve turned back to running. Sometimes for fun, sometimes to clear my head, and sometimes just because the sun is shining and I can. I stupidly signed up for another half-marathon, made a training plan and then promptly do not follow it. But in the end it wasn’t so bad. I ran the Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half-Marathon on Sunday, and while I am definitely sore, it’s not abysmal. I promise a forth-coming post with more race/training details.


I’m planning to sit down before the New Year and create some solid running goals for myself. Once I have a few goals set, I’ll make the requisite training plans and, fingers crossed, I’ll stick to those plans this time around. I may have gotten away with no training and no injuries this year, but knowing my body as I do, it’s only a matter of time.

I don’t have plans to become a three-times a day blogger, I can’t even promise I’ll blog every day (honestly, some days I just have nothing interesting to say, especially on Mondays they suck), but I will posting at least a couple times a week again. Although, I can’t guarantee it will be about anything remotely exciting or relevant or serve any purpose whatsoever other than I felt like ranting and rambling.

And if you’re interested in what little writing I have been doing recently, you can scurry on over here to do a little further reading.


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