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2013 Running Goals

20 Mar

Right, so it’s March. Already. I actually wrote these goals not long after the New Year with every good intention of sharing before the first month of the year was out. And now it’s March- but, better late than never, right? Right??

If I’m being wholly honest, I lot of coffee drove the writing of these goals and I may have been slightly overambitious (run 1,000 miles?!). Hopefully, the perfect trifecta of motivation, energy, and determination will occur, and I’ll breeze through these goals. More likely, I’ll experience the imperfect trifecta of apathy, lethargy, and avoidance and will wheeze through these goals. But you know, one can always hope.

1) Beat my half-marathon PR. This is doable. Tots doable. As long as I actually make a plan, follow it, oh and sign up for a race. But in all seriousness, I love the half distance, it’s my favorite race to train. I can easily beat my PR by the end of the year. Probably.

2) Run my second marathon and beat my previous (crappy) PR. So anyone who has followed my humble little blog for awhile will now that I went into my first marathon in 2011 having just come off an injury that included several weeks of no running. My first marathon was not pleasant (not that any marathon is “pleasant”), and long story short, I walked away with an awful finish time. I’d love to run my second marathon and beat my crappy finish time, but my body does not care for 26.2 beast and I’m not certain I’m ready to tackle running another marathon this year.

3) Run a second relay-race. I loved Ragnar. Such an awesome time. Except the whole sleeping in the dirt thing. I don’t camp. Ever. That’s why we invented houses and indoor plumbing. But, otherwise, love Ragnar. Maybe I’ll just sleep in the van this time around.

4) Run 1,000 miles. Pretty sure this is not going to happen for 2 reasons a) I have not been accurately tracking my running (I’m sorry DailyMile that I’ve been neglecting you) and b) I just did not run enough in the first 3 months of the year. Oh well, there’s always 2014.

5) Run a 5K. This will happen as I’m volunteering as a race director for a local 5K.

6) Run a race with the pups. This could be a lot of fun or a complete disaster as my dogs are currently going through a phase of “let’s bark at every dog we see and try to pull mommy’s arm out of her socket while we chase down the dogs and make them be friends with us!” Common sense, is not my strong suit, so I’ll convince myself it will be find and will immediately regret my decision as soon as I get to the start line. I make good life choices!

7) Don’t compare my running to anyone else. Truth moment: I’m competitive. I like to win. I like the teams I support to win. I’m also not very fast. And I cheer for teams that tend to be very hot/cold (I’m looking at you New York Giants!) Comparing my running abilities to others always results in me tearing myself down. By just focusing on my abilities without the comparison factor, I notice my improvements more vividly and I feel like I take more care of my running because I’m no longer expanding energy thinking about others. It’s a win-win!


‘Fess It Up Friday

22 Jul

So, I missed this last week. My bad. I was quite sad about not posting a ‘Fess It Up Friday because these are typically my favorite posts to write. I must harbor some kind of exhibitionist tendencies.

1) I really, really want to sign up for the Crystal City Twilighter 5K tomorrow night but it would be a bad idea for several reasons:

  • It would be my first 5K
  • I don’t run fast and 5Ks are fast. The people who run them are speedy
  • It will be a bazillion and one degrees
  • Because it will be a bazillion and one degrees I might have to crawl to the finish
  • The race fee is $40. That seems high for a 5K
  • I have a previous engagement that I am supposed to attend, but if I time everything right I could probably pull it off


  • I haven’t raced in over a month
  • I really want to try the 5K distance
  • Katie is running it and she is awesome. It would be like celebrity sighting. An Ironman celebrity sighting
  • I would get another cool race shirt
  • If I don’t race soon, I might start challenging strangers on the road to races

This is obviously a life or death situation. I have to register soon if I want to run it. Maybe I should go make a pro/con list.

2) I have a ridiculous scar on my chin. It doesn’t happen much anymore, but when I was younger people would come up to me and go “Woah, what happened?”

I was nine, we were in New Zealand, out on a boat to watch dolphins. I wasn’t holding on to anything, because I was a complete genius at nine years old (just like I am now). We hit a wave, I toppled forward, sliced my chin open on the metal thingy (that is the proper name for it!) that they tie the rope around and then put my two top front teeth through my lip. We were an hour from land and my mom had to use a random person’s bottle of Gatorade to try to stop the bleeding.

I had nine stitches, was given enough pills to kill a horse, bandaged up and sent on my merry way. The end.

3) Yesterday, in zillion degree heat, I went to Starbucks and ordered a soy misto. Then I went back to my ice box of an office and drank it. It was delicious.

4) I was extremely rude to someone the other day. It was one of those days where every single person stopped to ask how tall I was. This one lady had no idea she would  be the straw that broke the camel’s back. She was rather large and wearing a fanny pack and stopped me while I was striding down the street, and said “My goodness, you are really very tall.” I turned to her and said, “Well, you are really very fat.”

I felt somewhat badly afterward, but seriously people, it’s not unusual to see tall women these days. Get over it.

5) I will never understand why people think Matthew Mcconaughey is hot. I feel like he never grew out of the frat boy stage.

6) I take walk breaks when I run. There I admitted it. For some reason I feel like this is often a dirty little secret for runners. But honestly, I would never make it through my long runs or tough runs without walk breaks. Judge me if you must but I will continue to take them!

7) I cannot remember the last time I paid full-price for an article of clothing. My entire wardrobe comes either from the sale rack or the thrift store. Also, I have a LOT of clothes. As in they take up an entire walk-in closet, a dresser and some boxes under the bed.

8 ) Marathon training is leading to mindless consumption of the following: cereal, especially Puffins, waffles, pretzels, froyo, more froyo, and peanut butter. I should probably eat some broccoli or an apple or something.

9) I’m not sure I really like Google+. Maybe I just haven’t spent enough time with it, but it feels like I’m cheating on Facebook and Twitter. Plus you have to be invited to join. What is this? Skull and Bones?

Go Like Stuff

Take five seconds and head on over to digitalrunning.com and “like” my column. I’m trying to win their competition so I can pretend to be famous.

Take another five seconds and go like my newly created Facebook page. If you do, you’ll be able to watch the ridiculous video of me jumping out of an airplane (later today, I’m lazy and have to load it) because I cannot figure out how to load it onto the blog. Plus it will make me feel like I have friends. Everyone knows it’s not your real friends that count, it’s your Facebook friends.

Please do not stop reading my blog because of that video, I was so terrified I’m amazed as I was able to retain my grasp on the English language.


How are you surviving this vicious heat wave? Sprinklers? Ice baths? Living inside your freezer?

Anyone else have a ridiculous scar with a story behind it? Do share!

Work It Out Wednesday

2 Jun

This week was kind of lacking in workouts as Saturday was a total rest day and the only exercise I did on Monday and Tuesday was a few leisurely laps in the pool. I need to get back on track, but I’m going to be in NYC this weekend, so in all honesty I don’t think things will be back to normal until next week.

The NYC trip will also mean I likely have to drop out of Sunday’s 10K, part of the North Face Endurance Challenge series. I was planning to attend the races on both days, but I don’t think I’ll even make the 10K now. We’ll see. If I miss Sunday’s race, it will be the first race I have ever dropped. If I do drop out of Sunday’s race, I know I’m going to have to work hard to prevent myself from falling into a true exercise rut. My motivation is at a low-point and I need to find a way to pick it back, especially with Team-in-Training’s marathon training getting into full swing.

Here’s the breakdown for this week:

Wednesday– Vinyasa class, 1 hour; 2.5 mile run

Thursday– Weights, 30 mins; Swimming, 5 mins, I planned to swim for 30 but got booted out by a trainer and trainee after 5 minutes

Friday– Swimming, 30 mins; Ab stuff, 15 mins

Saturday– Rest

Sunday– Alexandria Half-Marathon!

Monday– Rest (played in the pool for an hour)

Tuesday– Rest

Wednesday– Bike, 10 mins; Weights, 25 mins; Ab stuff, 15 mins (I’m going to write a post about my top 5 favorite ab moves, core fitness is especially important for runners!)

A very blah week. I need to draw up a real plan and stick to it. Maybe it’s time for a couple of work-out challenges?


On a side note for any seasoned lifters out there, I’m trying to create a more structured weight-lifting plan that can be incorporated into my marathon training plan. I’d like to do the New Rules of Lifting for Woman, but I suspect the plan requires more dedication than I can devote while training for my first marathon. Any suggestions on some structured lifting plans?