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Boston: What to Read and How to Help

18 Apr

I’ve started multiple posts about the attacks at the Boston Marathon, but like many in the running community, I just cannot get my head around what took place.

Anything I write would simply be a less eloquent regurgitation of what has already been written, so instead I’m going to link to some of my favorite pieces, along with a few links to help those affected by Monday’s attacks in whatever way you can.

What to Read

Bring On the Next Boston Marathon

The People Who Watch Marathons


Boston & the Bond of Runners

If You Are Losing Faith in Humanity, Go Out and Watch a Marathon

The Good Outnumber You and We Always Will

An Open Letter to My Kids

How to Help

Run. Sign up for one of the many Boston runs taking place all across the US (and around the world!)

  • The Pavement Runner is compiling a list of #BostonStrong races taking place on Monday.
  • Many running groups, individuals, schools, businesses and other organizations have organized impromptu runs for Boston throughout the week.
  • I joined in the Run for Boston 4/17 movement last night along with Leslie and Carly to show our support:



  • The One Fund was created yesterday to help provide financial support to the victims of the Boston bombings.
  • The Red Cross is also accepting monetary donations, though they have received an over-abundance of blood donations.
  • The Richard Family Fund was set up in memory of 8-year-old Martin Richard who was killed in Monday’s attacks. Call Meetinghouse Bank at (617) 298-2250 to find out how to donate.

Show Kindness. Even small and simple acts -smiling at your fellow runner on the trail, giving up your Metro seat to someone in need, handing out your morning bagel to the homeless man on the corner, calling your family- are a wonderful reminder of how the good in humanity will always, always overcome the evil.